Award Winning Organization

Outstanding Local Pageant
2018 Top Ten Finalist, Iyonia Boyce (West TN OT)
2018 Outstanding Community Service, Iyonia Boyce (West TN OT)
2018 Photogenic, Mallory Shepperson (SC OT)
2018 Top Fifteen Finalist, Kailey Jordan (Miss Memphis)
2018 Non-Finalist Recognition, Hannah Minear (Miss SC)

Outstanding Production
2nd Place, Best Program Book
5th Place, Cash Scholarships
2017 Top Ten Finalist, Aria Stiles (Miss SC)
2017 Miss Congeniality, Callie Compton (Miss Memphis)
2017 Top Fifteen Finalist, Allie Carloss (Princess)

2016 Top Twelve Finalist, Gabriella Genereaux (Teen)
2016 Top Fifteen Finalist, CaDana Campbell (Miss SC)
2016 Miss Congeniality, CaDana Campbell (Miss SC)
2016 5th Runner Up - Quality of Life, CaDana Campbell (Miss SC)
2016 Top Ten Finalist, Chessie Biggam (Miss Memphis)
2016 Bronze Medal - Duke of Edinburgh, Chessie Biggam (Miss Memphis)
Highest Scholarships - Honorable Mention


2015 Outstanding Production
2015 Top Ten Finalist, Lauren Lewis (Teen Princess)
2015 Top Finalist, Madison Snipes (Miss)
2015 Talent Preliminary Winner, Madison Snipes (Miss)


2014 Best Program Book Award
2014 Recognized as a Top Scholarship Provider
2014 Non-Finalist Interview Award, Carsen Rooney (Teen)
2014 Non-Finalist Recognition, Christine Williamson (Miss)


2013 1st Runner Up, Amber Reed (Teen)
2013 Top 10 Finalist, Desiree Dyson (Teen Princess)
2013 Top 10 Finalist, Hannah Disterdick (Miss)


2012 Tennessee's Outstanding Teen Winner, Haley Butler (Non-Finalist Interview Winner at 2013 Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant)
2012 Best Set Design
2012 Top 12 Finalist, Hannah Disterdick (Miss)
2012 Top 10 Finalist, Cyrena Wages (Miss)
2012 Swimsuit Preliminary Winner, Hannah Disterdick (Miss)


2011 Tennessee's Teen Princess Winner, Jocelynn Jordan
2011 Nominated for Best Production and Best Program Book
2011 Top 15 Finalist, Ivy Depew (Miss)
2011 Top 10 Finalist, Jill Brooks (Miss)
2011 Talent Preliminary Winner, Jill Brooks (Miss)
2011 Swimsuit Preliminary Winner, Jill Brooks (Miss)


2010 Outstanding Production Award Winner
2010 Acknowledgement for $2000+ Scholarships Awarded
2010 2nd Runner Up to Madison Snipes (Teen)
2010 Non-Finalist Award to Ashlee Reed (Miss)


2009 Outstanding Production Runner Up
2009 Best Use of Social Media
2009 Volunteer of the Year, Jeni Stephens
1st runner up at Miss Tennessee, Cyrena Wages (Miss)
2009 Preliminary Talent Winner, Cyrena Wages (Miss)


2008 Outstanding Production Award Winner
2008 Best Program Book Award
2008 Interview Award to Ivy DePew (Teen)


2007 Outstanding Production Award, Runner Up
2007 Preliminary Talent Winner to Nicole Jordan (Miss) 2007 Non-Finalist Award to Nicole Jordan (Miss)
2007 Newcomer Evening Gown Award to Kristel Quon (Teen)
2007 4th Runner Up to Kristel Quon (Teen)
2007 Interview Award to Kaylee Prather (Teen Princess)
2007 1st Runner Up Miss Tennessee Princess 2007 to Kaylee Prather (Teen Princess)


2006 3rd Place Cash Scholarship Provider
2006 4th Runner Up to April Lancaster (Miss)
2006 Preliminary Talent Winner to April Lancaster (Miss)
2006 Paperwork Award to April Lancaster (Miss)
2006 MAO Academic Award Winner to April Lancaster (Miss)
2006 Non-Finalist Interview Award to Brittney Card (Teen)


2005 Outstanding Production Award, Runner Up


2004 3rd Place Cash Scholarship Provider


2003 2nd Place Cash Scholarship Provider