"I don't think anyone truly knows what it is to be a Miss Memphis titleholder. That sash has so much more meaning to it that one would think. The Miss Memphis Organization is a family. They are the ones who will pick you up when you cry and cheer you on as you are overcoming every obstacle in your life path. Your relationship with them does not turn on and off as you are on stage or not. Your relationship with them will last a lifetime. They will be at your high school graduation all the way to your wedding. They may be there loud and obnoxiously, because lets be honest.. you can take the women out of the pageant, but you cant take the pageant out of the women, but they will be there. As a Miss Memphis titleholder, you will represent a beautiful and historic city. You will appear at a hundred appearances. You will fall in love with little kids all over the city. You will work with the BEST pageant organization in the state of Tennessee. You will make memories that will make you cry happy tears in the future. Shay, Jeni, Sayra, and Erika are a PRIVILEGE to work with. If you have not applied yet, apply NOW. You will not regret it."

Jocelynn Jordan
Miss Memphis Princess 2011
Tennessee Teen Princess 2011

"I still remember what it felt like to hear my name called as Miss Memphis 2008, but at the time I had no idea how it would effect my life and my path for the future. Being a part of the Miss Memphis Organization helped me gain confidence, learn my strengths, and pursue my goals. As a senior at Rhodes College, becoming a local titleholder enabled me to expand my involvement in the community beyond my school. I learned what I was capable of, and the Miss Memphis family made me feel as though I could acheive anything. Even as I venture into new challenges, no matter where I am or what I am pursuing, I will always be Miss Memphis 2008 and know that I have the Miss Tennessee family behind me."

Brooke Poklemba
Miss Memphis 2008
Miss Maryland 2009

"I just want to say thank you to everyone of you that supported me through this journey of competing for Miss Tennessee. It was an amazing week of my life that I will never forget. Unforgettable memories, values, and teachings I will always carry with me. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me next down the road."

Ashlee Reed
Miss Memphis Princess 2008
Miss Memphis 2010

"The Miss Memphis Pageant taught me how to network and meet people. Also, as Miss Memphis, the title taught me how to be very organized and meet deadlines all the time. This has helped a tremendous amount with my school requirements at Ole Miss."

Kelly Miller Mullins
Miss Memphis 2002

"I could not have been more honored to represent the great city of Memphis as Miss Memphis 1999. I was a senior at Rhodes College and the title gave me the opportunity to further my platform of literacy in a Memphis City School. The exposure I gained through appearances and speaking engagements prepared me for the state competition. I could not have been prouder to announce myself as Miss Memphis when I arrived in Jackson to compete for the title of Miss Tennessee. Being crowned Miss Tennessee was life-changing for me and was an experience that will forever be imprinted in my mind. I am still involved today in the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant as Assistant Executive Director and Board of Trustee Member because of the amazing opportunities that were bestowed upon me as a local and state titleholder."

Allison Alderson Demarcus
Miss Memphis 1999
Miss Tennessee 1999

"I remember being Miss Memphis and winning the title of Miss Tennessee. It was a great honor to represent our city and state that year at the Miss America Scholarship Pageant.

I also remember being a part of the 50th Miss Memphis pageant when I was Miss Tennessee and giving up the Miss Memphis crown. Barbara Walker Hummel had been Miss Memphis/Miss America 50 years before and we were the final 2 to walk the stage after all of the past Miss Memphis' walked the stage. It was a great moment for me to share the stage with so many wonderful women."

Jeni Stephens
Miss Memphis 1996
Miss Tennessee 1996

"My experience in the Miss Memphis Pageant was so rewarding. As a native of Jackson, I grew up around the Miss Tennessee Pageant. Representing Memphis at the state pageant was a dream come true. But it offered me more than just a title to be pround of, I gained skills that I used to build a successful career as a broadcast meteorologist. I learned time management skills and gained public speaking experience. Through the interview process, I learned the importance of being aware of what's going on in my community and the world and communicating my opinion about current events then volunteering to make a difference. And most importantly, I used all those skills to convince prospective employers that I was the right person for the job without ever mentioning I was pageant winner."

Lisa Hatchett Spencer
Miss Memphis 1983
Chief Meteorologist, WSMV Channel 4, Nashville

"The Miss Memphis pageant was a wonderful experience for me. I made many new friendships and had a blast. I am going to school to be a journalist and I know that the interview and stage questions have helped me to prepare for my career. As an alternate, i will take with me many wonderful memories of the Miss Memphis organization.

The scholarship money that I earned by competing in the Miss Memphis pageant helped me to futher my education. I am currently working on my Masters in Journalism at the University of Memphis and I am proud to say that the Miss Memphis organization has helped to fund my education."

Becky Burton Childress
Contestant 2001-2005, Alternate 2003, 2004, & Spirit of Miss Memphis Winner 2002, 2003, 2004